Letters To The Editor | Assemblyman Peters' Speech Gives Me Great Encouragement To Join The Military

Pine Barrens Tribune

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I am a 14-year-old from Southampton Township writing to our local community newspaper to earn a Communication Merit Badge in Boy Scouts.

I read an article in your newspaper (Military Recruits and Veterans Honored at Awards Ceremony—Pine Barrens Tribune: May 26, 2018) about military recruits and veterans being honored at an awards ceremony on May 15.

State Assemblyman Ryan Peters (NJ-District 8) spoke about a service member in the military holding the greatest job on the planet.

“You are being asked to defend our freedom,” he said. “It is a sacred oath. You are going to fail, but you'll get back up every single time and push yourself every single day. You will become a leader.”

His speech gives me great encouragement to join the military. I have always been interested in joining the U.S. Army.

Mack Megee Southampton, New Jersey