Assemblywoman Stanfield and Assemblyman Peters demand fix to recycling delays

LUMBERTON – Bins of overflowing recycling have sat dormant on the curbs of Burlington County for nearly a month. County officials have blamed a driver shortage, but Assemblywoman Jean Stanfield and Assemblyman Ryan Peters had one message for those in charge, “No more excuses.”

The 8th Legislative District assembly members contacted the Burlington County Board of Commissioners and Governor Phil Murphy’s office to chide them over their ineptitude in delivering a basic government service to the people of New Jersey.

“People are frustrated and upset. Recycling is piling up outside their houses and all Burlington County is offering are excuses,” said Stanfield. “The time for finger pointing is over. I stand with every resident when we demand that the Burlington County Commissioners fix this issue.”

Stanfield and Peters requested the county release a step-by-step accounting of what they are doing to tackle the recycling pile up in their correspondence to the county. They also contacted the Governor’s office to demand he bring back the “work-search requirement” in order for people to collect unemployment. The requirement was ended during the pandemic, but New Jersey is a national outlier for refusing to reinstate it.

“Burlington County has been completely inept at dealing with a worker shortage that every private business has had to navigate, but we don’t have that shortage without Governor Murphy’s extraordinary liberal policies,” Peters said. “The least he could do is require people to look for work in order to collect unemployment, like almost every other state. But he would rather people stay home than work.”