Assemblyman Peters slams state priorities; calls for end of combat zone tax

TRENTON - Assemblyman Ryan Peters released a video urging Trenton leadership to pass legislation that would put an end to taxing New Jersey military members serving in combat zones. New Jersey is the only state in the nation that taxes income of service members who are stationed in combat zones.

In the video, Peters slams Democrat leadership for prioritizing non-citizens over heroes who are currently putting their lives on the line.

“If we didn’t tax combat zone pay, it’s estimated to cost the state about $1.1 million in tax revenue. That is less than one third of what we gave illegal immigrants in college aid and free legal services last year. That right there sends an absolutely terrible message to our military members and tells me that this state’s priorities are extremely out of line,” Peters said.

Military combat zone pay is already excluded from federal income taxes and excluded from being taxed by all other states in the nation. A2451 would make it so New Jersey joins the rest of the union. However, the bill has been stalled in the legislature for nearly two decades.

“It’s estimated that every New Jersey service member in a combat zone loses about $400 a year because of this. That’s no small deal. Imagine paying your state $400 a year for the pleasure of getting shot in a foreign land,” said Peters. “New Jersey shouldn’t hold the embarrassing title of being the only ones who tax hero pay. It’s a disgrace, and we need to solve this immediately.”